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The sensuality of a guitar. The ecstasy found in a sweet. Redemption beneath the wing of an angel. The mystery of a mask. the dance of the old men. Butterflies dancing on the waters of the lake. 500 years of tradition at your fingertips What are you waiting for? Discover the Don Vasco route.

Who was

Meet Don Vasco of Quiroga, the humanist who believed that Utopia was possible and constructed a universe by combining the new world with the old. The man who created a common future for the mixed race. This upholder of justice, the visionary, the tireless worker. The bishop who deserved the greatest honour: to be remembered as Tata Vasco.

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The World of Utopia

Chapels against picturebook skies depicted with the native brush. An artistic rush from the craftsman’s hand. Ancestral rituals, candles and flowers at night which accompany those who are no longer here. Two worlds which merge on the palate. They dance and celebrate to the sound of the Pirekua. This is the Utopian World.

the magic of the villages the magic of the villages


The mapmaker presents us with a space through the eyes of one who draws. Maps drawn by the Purépecha provide us with a wonderful chronicle of the everyday, the people’s relationship with the land, the natural environment with the human landscape. An intimate look at Don Vasco’s route.

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Tips for a perfect trip. Art and divinity, the most exquisite cuisine and artistic handiwork. The magic of the villages, the heritage of all. And always, the most exquisite.

Romantic dreams under canopies or discover the hospitality of the Purépecha. We have accommodation for you.

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Between hearths, mortars and paranguas you will discover a world of flavors to enjoy a unique experience on the Don Vasco route

The value of craftsmanship, quality of the artwork. You can even take something made by you.

We want you to lose yourself on the Don Vasco route, not to get lost. Plan your trip and forget your worries.

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